Deciding On New Windows

Spring has sprung an so have all the chores that you put off last fall, like painting the exterior window frames. Yuck! Or having to deal with the window that didn’t properly close at the onset of winter and now needs to be investigated. You can’t put it off any longer and you’re wondering if you […]

Types of Window Installations

When getting new windows in your home, besides deciding on the style and type of windows you would like, there is another important decision that needs to be made. Do you want to have the contractor to install the windows “retrofit” or a “full frame tear out”. There are important differences with each that we […]

Examining Bays & Bows

Windows.. That Is Thanks to improved technology and enhanced engineering, consumers have a wider assortment of window options than ever before. We work with homeowners on a daily basis and see the struggles they face, when attempting to find the right windows for their precise needs. Those looking for something innovative and gorgeous should definitely […]

Enhancing Your Home…

With The Latest Casement Windows As a homeowner, you have an abundance of responsibilities to juggle each and every day. Unfortunately, many components of your home can only last for a limited period of time. This includes your windows. Once your windows begin to wear out, your home’s energy efficiency will decrease, your energy bill […]

A Sudden Broken Window?

Sometimes life just doesn’t go as smoothly as you’d like. My home backs onto a baseball field and I love to listen to the kids playing ball on the weekends in the park behind my house. This one day, it wasn’t so nice. I heard the crack of the ball on the bat and the […]

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