Deciding On New Windows

Spring has sprung an so have all the chores that you put off last fall, like painting the exterior window frames. Yuck! Or having to deal with the window that didn’t properly close at the onset of winter and now needs to be investigated. You can’t put it off any longer and you’re wondering if you shouldn’t just cut to the chase, bite the bullet. Maybe window replacements for the while house are in order. But do you really need them?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1.  Are you existing windows doing the job?

    Are your rooms cold in the winter and too hot in the summer – even though you’re blasting the heat/cool?  Good windows should create comfort in your house’s rooms, and sufficiently block heat or cold. If they’re doing their job, there should be no drafts around the windows or window trim. In cool weather they should not have condensation on the panes.

  2. Are your windows a being troublesome?

    a. Do they open/close properly?

    b. Are there broken screens, handles, seals? Many hardware and handles can be replaced if you know the brand or serial number. Sagging or bent hinges that contribute to a poorly closing window, can be difficult to find and tricky to replace.

    c. Are they foggy inside? Depending on the type of window, sometimes you can order replacement panes.

    d. Are they rotted in places? If so, you’ll probably need to replace them. Repairing them takes too much effort and more skill than most of us have.

    e. Do you dread the thought of having to clean them, or worse, paint them? That’s a big tip off. Newer styles in windows are pretty much maintenance free and many are designed so that you can wash the outside of the window from the comfort of the inside of your home.

  3. Are you old windows even worth repairing? Most problems can be fixed or a work around solution applied. But with the time and effort involved, especially if they require painting or have rotting wood, repairing may not be a viable solution. If you have to buy special tools to get the repair done, this investment may not be worth  you time and expense. Can you hire a handyman to do it? How much will they cost per hour and consider materials, to fix all the irritating window items?

When windows aren’t working properly, another thing that’s common to see is windows sills that aren’t draining which can let water into the house. This is evidenced when paint or wallpaper starts to peel on the inside of the house below the window, usually at the either bottom corner of the window. Sometimes the wall board will be damp, moist or even bubble and crumble. When you see this, there’s definitely trouble.

Invest in Yourself or Your Home

Everyone knows that investing in your home tends to increase the value. But most people don’t realize that investing in your home by getting replacement windows, is also an investment in yourself. Let’s explain. When you’re at work you’re working, when you’re at home you’re resting. Unless you have kids. All kidding aside, unless you really enjoy doing renovation work, hiring a contractor to replace your windows is an investment in yourself so that you can spend less time fixing windows and focus more of your time doing what you want in your “off” hours. 

Regardless of your window concerns, you should have a professional window contractor take a look. Sometimes it’s worse than you imagined but many times, it’s much better than you thought. You’ll never know until you have a window contractor get a good look.

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