Examining Bays & Bows

Windows.. That Is

Thanks to improved technology and enhanced engineering, consumers have a wider assortment of window options than ever before. We work with homeowners on a daily basis and see the struggles they face, when attempting to find the right windows for their precise needs. Those looking for something innovative and gorgeous should definitely take a look at bay & bow windows. These specific types of windows can captivate the imagination, whether you’re standing inside or out. We strongly encourage homeowners, who want to create an immaculate and mesmerizing focal point, to consider adding one of these windows to their homes.

Bay Models

Bay windows are a little less complex than the bow alternatives, but both can be very impressive. With the bay models, a fixed window will be positioned in the middle and surrounded by two adjacent windows. The windows tend to sit at an angle, so they’ll expand out into the wood and provide you with a better view inside of your home. Although it depends on the specific model in question, some of these windows offer an outset angle of 30 to 45 degrees.

Bow Windows

As mentioned above, bow windows are a little more intricate than the aforementioned style. This is the case, because they generally have more window panes. Typically, these windows feature four or more windows, which are connected together to form an elegant curve. Consumers can choose between a combination of fixed windows or venting windows, until they’re able to achieve the precise appearance that they desire. The angle of bow windows is slightly less dynamic, but it is more rounded than the alternatives.

Since these windows can be a little complex, attempting to find the right setup for your specific situation can be difficult! Don’t worry though. Window Shark will work with you closely and provide you with a breakdown of your options. By working hand-in-hand with our experts, you’ll eventually be able to acquire the precise window style that you’ve always dreamed of!

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