Window Replacement: Top 5 Reasons to Get It Done

There are many reasons why you’d consider getting replacement windows. You may have a primary reason in mind, but many reasons factor in – and all to your benefit. Homes built in this century typically have a “life cycle” of some of their parts. The roof, windows, door, wiring in some cases, the driveway, paint, flooring, kitchen cupboards and appliances, etc. These – and others – which you’ll be able think of yourself, have a basic life cycle of about 25 years.

If you take a look around your home, you’ll probably be able to quickly identify the current state of a number of your home’s parts – including the windows. You’re probably contemplating having your windows replaced for one primary reason – which was your initial trigger. But consider all the other reasons as well.

New windows are an investment in the value of your home. Your home is a major asset, and ahould be treated as such. A full set of windows can be expensive, but they don’t need to be excessively so. However, when selecting your window style, type and color, keep the following points in mind.


Replacement Windows Increase Home Value

If you’ve ever shopped for an older home, you know that looking at the state of the windows is important. So you know they increase the value of any home. The payback period of the value may not mean much to you now – unless you’re planning on selling your home shortly after all your windows have been replaced. But it does increase its value.

There are several online calculators that estimate the potential increase in the value of your home, based on the specific improvement done. So the bottom line is that you’re not wasting your money, no matter what. The quality and type of windows also play a role – but not as much as you think. Yes, it’s true that If you have a very high end home and you install cheap windows, it will hurt the value…. but in just about any other situation, the quality of the windows should be at least average, or maybe a little higher. Don’t go to the super-deluxe, or to the discount line of products. It’s the extremes in quality ranges that could hurt your home’s value.

Most windows are manufactured using similar technologies using modern methods and materials. So don’t fret too much about that. However – there are differences, and you should clearly understand what you’re buying, at what price point, and what you should expect from your new windows. Generally, a mid range, at least double glazed window is your best bet.


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Replacing Your Windows Will Reduce Energy Bills

It comes as no surprise that you’ll save on your heating and cooling bills when you have new windows installed. Most windows are at least double pane, and in some cases even tripple pane. Often, the space between the panes is filled with a gas. This not only increases efficiency, but it also acts a sound insulator. Many new windows have a UV protection film as well – sometimes offered as an option. So the savings can extend even to extending the life of flooring, furniture and window coverings, which are often affected by the UV in direct sunlight.

The payback period in energy savings can be several years, but there is payback, so take that into consideration too. What you may not have considered however, is that new windows can also extend the life of your heating and cooling system! How? Well, if your home is now tightly sealed and insulated, your furnace and air conditioner will not have to cycle (turn on-off) as often. Probably as much as 35% less. This translates directly into an extension of the service life of your heating and cooling appliances. And all because of replacement windows!

Your overall comfort level is also increased with the addition of new windows. Drafts are reduced or eliminated, and temperature swings are reduced as a result of fewer furnace and A/C cycles. Cold spots are eliminated too. So all in all, new windows provide a wide range of benefits – all under the guise of efficiency.

Replacement Windows Update the Look of any Home

Let’s face it. Looks matter. Who wants to live in a dated house? Windows go a long way towards adding curb appeal from the outside, and add new decor from the inside. Since windows represent large visual areas of your home, your choice of design, frame type, opening type, material and color will have great impact on the overall look of your home. Inside and out.

Since windows are a visual feature from both inside and outside, they also serve to update the look from both the inside and outside. With new trim installed when the windows are replaced, the update is taken to the next level. Often, getting new windows triggers a bigger remodeling project.

Remodeling, Broken Windows, Rotten Jambs

Sometimes the reason to replace windows is based on an immediate need. Like a broken window, or rotten jambs. Or if you’re remodeling a room or part of your home. Take care when you’re selecting new windows. Unless you’re replacing all the windows at the same time, stay away from installing the latest and most stylish styles. They may not be available in the future when you’re planning on doing the rest.

If you’re remodeling only a part of your home, or adding living space to your home, it may be a good idea to replace all the windows in your home at the same time. This locks in the value, increases curb appeal and improves efficiency all at once.

In most cases, broken window panes can be replaced without having to replace the entire window.

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